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Shaving Tips

There are many opinions on male shaving methods. At OM4 we have done considerable research to identify best practice in daily shaving techniques.


The following steps are a suggested guideline for superior shaving results. You may have developed alternative approaches to your shave and are always advised to do what works best for your specific needs.

Step 1: Hydrate Beard Growth

This is best done by showering and cleansing the face. The natural steam of the shower combined with the Organic Male cleanser for your skin type is a winning combination for softening the beard and preparing to shave. Remain in the shower at least three minutes to allow pores to fully open and beard to soften.

Step 2: Lubricate the Face

Apply Organic Male's Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion, a calming organic, alcohol-free solution microblended specifically to further soften the beard and create a microscopic layer of protection against surface barrier damage. If you prefer to cleanse after shaving allow three minutes for shaving emulsion to prepare the skin. Shave in the shower when possible for optimal results.

Step 3: Go with Flow

Start with a sharp blade and gently stroke in the direction of your beard growth. For best results pull the skin taught before each stroke. Rinse your razor frequently for best results. If a closer shave is desired, stroke against the grain. If your skin is at all sensitive, apply a second layer of Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion before shaving against your natural hair growth. In general, it is important to be precise and use a few strokes as possible. Use particular caution while shaving within the vicinity of the chin and lips to avoid nicks and cuts.

Step 4: Rinse and Finish

Rinse your skin thoroughly with warm water to remove residual shaving products and debris. Finally, splash the face with cool water to close the pores before finishing your skin conditioning program — a splash pH Balance regulates the skin and calms post-shaving skin irritation, finish with the serum and moisturizer designed for your skin type to prevent premature aging and achieve healthy and great feeling skin.