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OM4 Skin Conditioning Program

Daily and Weekly Programs

The terms cardiovascular fitness, endurance, strength are more familiar than the concept of skin conditioning. Optimal skin health is a result of sound nutrition both in terms of what you eat and the amount of water you drink, as well as, the products you apply to, or massage into, your skin.

Daily Conditioning Program

Step 1: Wash. OM4's cleansers are formulated, by skin type, to remove harmful pollutants and prepare the skin for nutrient absorption and care. Squeeze a quarter size amount into your palm and massage over face and neck. For best results use an Organic Male Micro Fiber Cleansing Cloth or Soft Bristle Brush to completely remove debris and prevent ingrown hairs. Thoroughly rinse after 60 seconds.

Cleansing may be done before or after shaving. Research indicates manual shaving is most effectively accomplished after showering and cleansing. This allows the cleanser and shower steam to soften the beard, thus minimizing shaving-related skin conditions. Cleanse additionally before retiring for optimal skin health.

Step 2: Balance. Squeeze a small amount of balancer into the palm of your hand, and gently splash/rub over the face and neck. Do this after shaving. For optimal results, and at least once per week, apply balancer to the corner of a wash or micro fiber face cloth and gently go over the skin to remove post cleansing and shaving residue. Women often use a cotton ball for this step, however, it is ineffective for men as the strands of cotton will stick to the face due to prevalence of hair/bear stubble.

Step 3: Bioactivate. Saturate your skin with an infusion of potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and food grade botanicals which deeply nourish and protect the largest organ of your body. Pump a pea size amount of serum into the palm of your hand and massage into face and neck. The skin may feel slightly tacky to the touch for 20 seconds until all bionutrients are fully absorbed. Remember, a little goes a long way with OM4.s potent bioactive serums.

Step 4: Defend. OM4's moisturizers and hydration creams serve a dual purpose: (1) to provide a non-oily, shine free barrier which retains moisture, and (2) to protect against the penetration of harmful environmental toxins. Rub a small amount of moisture complex between your hands and apply evenly to the face and neck areas. Organic Male moisturizers are concentrated. For a lighter application, add a few drops of water to the moisturizer in your palm and rub between the hands. Apply evenly to face and neck for an imperceptible finish. For extra hydration, apply a thicker layer in dry areas.

Please contact your OM4 service professional with any application questions, or should you experience any difficulty achieving the results you desire with the product. Service and your satisfaction are our priorities.

Weekly Conditioning Program

Resurface: The only difference in the weekly conditioning program from your daily routine is the addition of your exfoliant. For men, it is particularly important to resurface the skin a minimum of once per week and preferably twice per week. Organic Male exfoliants contain 5% multifunction fruit acids to gently peel away dry, dead epidermal layers. Exfoliation also reduces the number of ingrown hairs.

After cleansing, massage in a thin layer of exfoliant in a circular motion and allow to sit while you shampoo and finish your shower. Gently rinse away or wipe with a wash or micro fiber cloth to remove the exfoliating material.

Weekly resurfacing also maximizes serum and moisturizer absorption and enhance the effectiveness of your finishing products. Dry, flaking dead skin cells prevent optimal penetration of products and minimizes the results of your routine.