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precision skin solutions 4 men

Become An Organic Male

We're looking for a few good men who understand the importance of precision. Whether it's golf, tennis, skiing, biking, cars, hotels, coffee or wine, the same rules apply. Precision, quality, performance and service come at a price. The price tag with Organic Male is simply the time you are willing to invest. You choose your level of commitment and results you want to achieve. Whether is a customized best practice grooming regiMEN using our Virtual DerMANalsys or simply augmenting your existing routine with one or two products, we have a precision solution for the results you require. At OM4, men are our core business. We help you be the best you can be by providing best practice grooming solutions 4 men. 

Our Mission

Helping men understand the importance of skin health and nutrition, and making the connection between looking good, feeling confident and achieving results at work and in life is the mission of Organic Male OM4 CEO and Founder, Mike Bruggeman.

“For me, it is far less about the actual products, which are amazing by the way. My satisfaction comes from seeing the look on a guy’s face when he first experiences the immediate results of OM4’s targeted skin solutions 4 men."

      - Mike Bruggeman, Founder & CEO



Our Brand Promise: If you are not completely satisfied with our products, take advantage of our unconditional commitment to ensuring your satisfaction, no questions asked. We hope you will enjoy Organic Male OM4 and come to know the results that only Mother Nature and green science can produce.

continuous education

Continuous Education

Continuous Learning speaks to our commitment to continuously learn, and evolve our products & business practices. Learning also implies an inherent duty to share knowledge of what we learn with our clients to help them make healthy choices for their skin.
environmental harmony

Environmental Harmony

Environmental Harmony describes our approach to OM4’s sustainable supply chain, formulation, manufacturing, distribution and recycling practices.


We offer the integrity of ingredient selection and care, business practices and our promise – to understand each customer’s unique needs and contribute to their confidence, results, happiness and success.
personal connections

Personal Connections

This means never losing site of the reason why we’re here. We are here to create strong lasting relationships, build trust, and improve the lives of our loyal customers.