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Skincare 101

In this area you will find information about:
The Male Skin Difference | Skin Conditioning Programs | Shaving Tips 

OM4 is designed and formulated exclusively for the unique needs and gender specific issues associated with men's skin. Male and female skin differs in several significant ways.


4 products for 4 different skin types — sensitive, oily, normal/combination and dry. After extensive research, and a comprehensive market analysis, we learned that most men's lines developed around shaving. Additionally, smart marketing professionals in some of the most prestigious women's skin care companies saw a unique niche and developed add-on men's products to capitalize on a growing market. We saw few examples of lines that were developed exclusively for men, and fewer that factored skin type into the equation. One size never fits all, especially when it comes to male skin care. At OM4, we spared no expense in formulating 16 core skin type-specific products for men, and men only.

It all started with two basic questions. (1) What will have the most significant anti-aging impact on men's skin naturally, and whenever possible, organically or biodynamically? (2) How will we do this in an earth-conscious and sustainable way, in harmony with the environment? The answer was surprisingly simple, and we discovered it over one of our favorite microbrews.

Microblended Skin CareTM

The reason micro brewed beers have such an appeal is largely a matter of taste. Of course a somewhat quirky and genuinely passionate brewmaster also adds to the lore and intrigue of a brand. Our lab, much like a microbrewery is dedicated to quality and transitioning the purest bioactive raw ingredients into potent skin food for men. OM4, like the finest Belgian ale, is microblended with care and attention to detail. Blending in small batches in lieu of mass production gives the chemist the rare opportunity to interact directly with the lot. The ingredients are fresh--locally sourced, when possible, and internationally secured when only a highly specific ingredient will yield the desired result. Our most loyal customers note slight variations in product as Mother Nature subtly, and not-so-subtly, influences the ripening of the ingredients which ultimately translate into the products you pull from the shelf. While these variations are within control limits, it simply speaks to the fact that if you demand quality and search for only the most nutritious raw ingredients, there will be inevitable nuances from batch to batch. Wild harvested natural, and whenever possible, organically or biodynamically farmed ingredients are different from precision manufactured synthetics. Fortunately, the earth just does not work that way. The impact of the elements, the condition of the soil, the variation in blend of tomatoes - perhaps more reds than yellows, are the raw materials with which our highly experienced formulators craft potent, regenerative whole foods for your skin. Read more about the bioactive properties of our ingredients and their origins under the "Resources" tab.

4 steps are about simplicity. So why not three, two, or better yet one step if we are being simplistic? No matter how cliché, balance is everything. In the case of OM4, simplicity is balanced with product efficacy and results. Each OM4 bionutrient is suspended in the most beneficial medium or conduit, and is introduced at the appropriate step for optimal transdermal penetration. Appropriate suspension technology enables the skin to literally drink in and retain the benefits of earth's most unadulterated naturally occurring ingredients.

  • Step 1: Wash. OM4's cleansers are formulated, by skin type, to remove harmful pollutants and prepare the skin for nutrient absorption and care. Do this in the shower, especially before manual shaving to soften the beard.
  • Step 2: Balance. A quick splash of pH balancer removes cleansing and shaving residue, creating the most receptive state for the next and most important step in a complete skin fitness program.
  • Step 3: Bioactivate. Saturate your skin with an infusion of potent vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and food grade botanicals which deeply nourish and protect the largest organ on your body. Learn why nothing on the market comes close to OM4's healing and bioregenerating serums.
  • Step 4: Defend. OM4's moisturizers and hydration creams provide a non-oily, shine free barrier which retains moisture while deflecting the invasion of harmful environmental toxins.

Each step in the Organic Male system works synergistically to actively fight the causes of premature aging to maintain your best appearance for years to come.

4 minutes is about time. We know your time is valuable and we believe the four steps have to be fast if you are going to keep using OM4! Your daily routine should take no longer than four minutes — wash your face in the shower, splash on the pH balancer, apply a drop of bioactive serum and finish with a light layer of hydration cream, all in the time it takes to comb your hair. While spending time on your hair might give you that quick fix great look today, spend those same 4 minutes on your skin and I guarantee you will be happy you did when you hit that tender young age of 40 and beyond. Remember, it's never to late to start, and no matter when you do, it makes a difference.

4 men. First and foremost, OM4 is designed and formulated exclusively for the unique needs and gender specific issues associated with men's skin. Male and female skin differs in several significant ways.

What products are best for me? Organic Male is designed to be easy. No hieroglyphs or secret decoder rings to figure it out. Simply select your skin type and select one of Organic Male's color-coded four step skin care systems. When in doubt, sensitive skin is always a good choice, especially if you shave manually.

Sensitive Collection - for men prone to skin irritation, burning and redness. Effective for shaving-related skin conditions and rosacea.

Oily Collection - effective for men who develop oily skin and shine throughout the day. Also suggested for blemished skin and acne or other sebum-related skin conditions.

Normal Collection - suggested for men who have clear, non greasy skin. Also recommended for combination skin — oily T zone (nose and forehead).

Dry Collection - is appropriate for men who experience dry, patchy or flaking skin. Our dry collection is also effective for sun-damaged and mature skin needing extra hydration and brightening.

Encore Collection products to round out your skin care experience. Encore products are designed for all skin types, and to solve specific skin conditions and issues.

Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion

  • Protects against skin barrier damage
  • Softens and soothes skin prior to shaving
  • Heals, calms and reduces shaving-related sensitivity

Citrus Bamboo Resurfacing Scrub

  • Exfoliates dry, dead and flaky skin.
  • Refines fine lines
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Clears pores to prevent ingrown hairs and maximize serum and moisturizer penetration

Radical Fine Line Eraser

  • Cooling eye gel
  • Reduces puffiness and dark circles
  • Minimizes fine lines

Eyebright Age Defying Moisture Complex

  • Eye cream
  • Night application or moisture rich day cream
  • Deeply hydrates
  • Reduces fine lines

Healing Herbal Foot Treatment - Antifungal

  • Soothing foot moisturizer
  • Antifungal
  • Athlete's foot prevention

SunSecure Mineral SPF30

  • Protects skin from harmful UV radiation
  • Prevents oxidative stress & collagen degradation
  • Brightens & clarifies the complexion

Baobalm Lip Therapy

  • Soothing, natural lip balm
  • Definitive antidote for chapped, dry lips