Men's Guide To Combating Oily, Blemish-Prone Skin

Feb 24, 2023

Men, let's face it — skincare gets confusing! From all the different products to the plethora of social media tips, advice, and videos. How are you supposed to know what to do? One helpful way is to educate yourself with facts and information provided only by true professionals and experts. A common skin issue that many men struggle with is greasy, blemish-prone skin. In fact, studies from the American Academy of Dermatology show men ages 20-49 are about three times more likely to suffer from adult acne than women! Our licensed esthetician, who specializes in oily skin issues, shares some tips that'll help guide your skincare regimen.

Esthetician Advice:

  • Be consistent with your daily skincare routine
  • Wash your face with your cleanser morning and night
  • Daily apply your toner after cleansing 
  • Serums are highly concentrated - apply twice daily to balance the skin
  • Don't forget to use a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated
  • Hands Off - Don't pop or pick at your pimples

Not only is acne painful, but it makes us feel self-conscious about our skin. Take control of your skin today with Organic Male OM4 Men Oily Collection. Explicitly designed for acne-prone, oily skin, this effective four-piece skincare collection contains a daily face wash, a purifying toner, clarifying serum, and hydrating skin-purifying moisturizer. This collection is a top choice amongst high-end spas and skincare professionals.

Organic Male OM4 Oily 4-Step Collection is designed for those with acne prone, oily, and combination skin types to help reduce and prevent breakouts, shine, and provide a calm and clear complexion throughout the day. 

Step 1 - Green Clay Clarifying Cleanser
While showering, squeeze a quarter size amount in your hand and rub over face and neck. Thoroughly rinse after 30-60 seconds.

Wash face in the shower, especially, before manual shaving to soften the beard.  Cleanse in the morning before shaving and optimally, at night before retiring.

Step 2 - Purifying pH Balancer
Squeeze a small amount of balancer into the palm of your hand, and gently splash/rub over the face and neck. Do this after your shave.

For optimal results, and at least once per week, apply balancer to the corner of a wash or micro fiber face cloth and gently go over the skin to remove post cleansing and shaving residue.

Step 3 - Vitamin A Regulating Serum
Pump a pea size amount of serum into the palm of your hand and massage into face and neck. The skin may feel slightly tacky to the touch for 20 seconds until all bionutrients are fully absorbed. Remember, a little goes a long way with OM4’s potent bioactive serums.

Step 4 - Weightless Equalizing Moisture Complex
Rub a small amount of moisturizer between your hands and apply evenly to the face and neck areas. Note: Organic Male moisturizers are potent. For a lighter application, add a few drops of water to the moisturizer in your palm and rub between the hands. Apply evenly to face and neck for an imperceptible finish. For extra hydration, apply a thicker layer in dry areas. 

If you're a man with blemish-prone skin, know that you’re not alone. Join thousands of other men as they clear and balance their complexion and enjoy smooth, healthy skin for years to come.

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