Essential Skin Care Routine

Essential Skin Care Routine

Follow the steps below for an essential skin care routine to help create a foundation for healthy skin:


Step 1 | Wash

Men's skin is 10-20% oilier than women’s due to testosterone. Step 1 cleansers are precision formulated to naturally remove excess grease and oil, without drying the skin.
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Step 2 | Toner

Male skin is prone to shaving related skin concerns and conditions. Step 2 pH balancing toner and after shave splashes calm sensitivity, prevent ingrown hairs, and replenish the skin's shaving-compromised immune system.
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Step 3 | Serum

Male skin is up to 15-30% thicker, with larger pores, and smaller oil glands. Step 3 serums deliver a daily dose of essential age-delaying vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids and Omega 3's.
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Step 4 | Moisturizer

Environmental defense is a universal need. Step 4 matte moisturizers lock in serum benefits, prevent dehydration, and help promote overall skin health.
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Step 1: Our cleansers address the fact that male skin is 10-20% oiler due to testosterone, but also needs a cleansing solution that is pH and hydration adjusted based on the four skin types.

Step 2: After Shave / Toner accounts for the fact that (1) men shave and have shaving-related skin concerns (sensitivity, razor burn, ingrown hairs), (2) compromise the skin’s natural immune barrier by removing the outermost protective layer (the acid mantel), and (3) require disinfecting and healing of any nicks and cuts without the sting of alcohol, and (4) must recalibrate pH to prevent additional skin concerns.

Step 3: Our serums provide lightweight, vitamin, antioxidant, mineral, and amino acid infused liquid mediums that are capable of deeply penetrating the skin to help address all four skin type and condition specific concerns. OM4’s signature Omega 3 Blend is a key ingredient in all serums providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits which helps promote overall skin health.

Step 4: Moisturizer locks in high-intensity benefits of our serums and protects the skin from environmental stress. Regardless of if you live in a high stress urban setting or extreme regions of the world, OM4 matte and light moisturizers feel weightless on the on skin while protecting against water loss and dehydrated skin.