Expanded Skin Care Routine

Expanded Skin Care Routine

Eye Care
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If shaving is part of your daily practice, add it between steps 4 and 5. Once your shave mask has remained on your skin for a few minutes, you can either keep it on and use that to shave or rinse off and use SHAVE: Soothing Herbal Shaving Emulsion for a close, hydrating shave.

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Follow the steps below for a comprehensive skin care routine to help you have healthy skin from head to toe:

Step 1 | Wash

Men's skin is 10-20% oilier than women’s due to testosterone. Step 1 cleansers are precision formulated to naturally remove excess grease and oil, without drying the skin.
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Step 2 | Exfoliate

Exfoliation is an essential step in men’s skin care. Ingrown hairs, large pores and other male skin conditions are positively impacted by spending only 30 to 60 seconds exfoliating, bi-weekly.
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Step 3 | Toner

Male skin is prone to shaving related skin concerns and conditions. Step 2 pH balancing toner and after shave splashes calm sensitivity, prevent ingrown hairs, and replenish the skin's shaving-compromised immune system.
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Step 4 | Mask

Masks contain high amounts of concentrated vitamins and nutrients to further target and improve skin concerns such as blemishes, hyperpigmentation and redness/irritation. OM4’s Shave Masks can be applied as a mask or shave cream for a close multi-tasking shave.
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Step 5 | Serums

Serums penetrate deep into your skin to provide potent ingredients to target skin concerns and counteract the effects of environmental stressors.
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Step 6 | Moisturize

Environmental defense is a universal need. Step 4 matte moisturizers lock in serum benefits, prevent dehydration, and help promote overall skin health.
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Step 7 | Eye Care

Eye care helps to prevent and reduce fine lines and wrinkles and common concerns associated with eye fatigue around your delicate eye area.
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Step 8 | Protect

Sun protection is the most critical step in your routine to protect skin against the damaging rays that contribute to skin irritation, premature aging and skin cancer.
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Step 9 | Body Care

Extend your routine beyond your neck and tackle the same concerns you have on your face such as hyperpigmentation and dry skin. OM4 Well Being body care turns your shower into a ritual of well-being.
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