OM4MEN Gym Bag Essentials


OM4 Organic Male has all your gym bag essentials from hair, skin, and body care to shaving and grooming products. Depending on your specific needs and preferences, OM4 has your body and hair covered. 

OM4 Has 4 Gym Bag Essentials: 

As you gather your earbuds and workout gear, don’t forget your OM4 skincare toiletry travel bag. We all know staying hydrated is important during exercise, but did you know that keeping your skin hydrated after a workout is just as important as keeping your body hydrated? Don’t forget to toss in moisturizer next to your water bottle. 

Whether you are working out indoors or outdoors, protecting your lips is a must year around. You won’t want to leave home without Organic Male OM4 Recover: BaoBalm Lip Therapy.  

Keep your lips quenched while breathing hard and protected from the outside elements like wind and sun that like to dry our lips. It’s small and easy to stash in any pocket or bag. Instantly soothe and nourish the delicate lip area and provide long lasting hydration without constantly needing to reapply. 

We offer a range of products designed to address different skin types and concerns such as sensitive skinoily skindry skinand of course one for normal skin. We also offer best-in-class body care products too!

If you are the showering type, then we have the body products you need for a quick on-the-go shower.  Organic Male OM4 Body Care Trio & Travel BagIf you have time for a shave we have a variety of shave masks and creams to choose from. 

Need to wash or style your hair? Enjoy the invigorating scents of Black Spruce & Siberian Ginseng in the Organic Male OM4 Hair Care Trio & Travel Bag. These three hair products include a shampoo and conditioner set with a hair elixir help promote thickness while helping to prevent hair loss. And for those with beards that need to be shaped try out our natural peach wood Organic Male OM4 Beard Comb made for all hair types. 

Overall, the key is to have all the OM4 items to make your post-workout experience refreshing and comfortable to complete your day. 

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